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Taranee Ponjani

Yoga & Gymnastics

Taranee Pojani.png


Taranee Ponjani (she/her) is a Toronto based circus performer and movement teacher. Her three biggest expressions are yoga, hand-balancing/acrobatics, and Bharatanatyam dance. She believes that the more we share the more we have, which is why she is so passionate about teaching. 


Taranee teaches a variety of movement modalities such as, gymnastics, strength training, and yoga. Currently, her favourite movement modality to teach is hand-balancing. In a world where we are constantly on the go, hand-balancing has the power to bring you back to the present moment. It is her favourite life hack to use.

Taranee’s favourite quote is “We are our ancestors wildest dreams”. She uses this quote as a reminder to dig deeper, work hard, and take a chance on herself.

insta: @satnam.333

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