This is a sample day of everything that will be offered to you at camp. Yoga Camp is full of exciting classes, workshops and activities, and you can participate in as much as you'd like while taking as much down time as you need. If lying on the dock with your book and basking in the sun is what you need that is what you will do. 

We offer amazing workshops to enhance the yoga experience. Below are a list of some of the workshops we've offered in the past and plan to offer this summer, but the list is subject to change!












Early Morning: Coffee tea and fruits available
Early morning meditation on the dock

Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Practice


Workshop Time


Workshop Time

Dynamic Yoga Class

Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra


CampFire and Other Evening Activities


Optimizing Shoulder Health with Drew Hume

Almost all of us could use some shoulder-attention. This is one of the most commonly injured and sore areas of our body. This workshop is highly focused on helping improve our shoulder health by enhancing the function of all the muscles that move and surround it.


We’ll combine self-release manual techniques, movement isolations and movement integrations in order to find trigger points, test muscle function and improve overall movement (and feeling) of the shoulder girdle.


If you have a history of “shoulder stuff” or you’re currently working on it, you’ll likely find these techniques to be helpful in preparing your body for other movement practices like yoga. On top of that, using this work repeatedly is designed to build resilience in the shoulder girdle, with the intent being a reduction in the likelihood of injury as well as a reduction in recurrence of shoulder issues.


As a bonus, much of this shoulder girdle work will also have positive down-stream effects on the mid-back and neck! 

Pereira Patterns

Looking for combinations of exercises that fit smoothly together, gently move the fascial lines of the body, and leave you and your clients or students feeling relaxed yet energized?

Join Angela Pereira to sample a wide range of simple movement patterns. The patterns feel fantastic on their own or you can link them together. Think of them like 'LEGO' blocks that snap together in multiple ways to create your own unique exercise programs and classes.

If you are looking for ideas for client exercise programs and class designs - well here's a done-for-you easy solution! These pre made AND client approved Pereira Patterns are structured to flow easily and feel good for every body!

Tantra Workshops

Tantra ties all the elements of yoga together. It is key to empowering us to grow as individuals and lead us towards spiritual awakening.

"Once the Moon is made steady, then the Sun can be made to rise." Rod Stryker


This is a two part workshop that will take place over Saturday and Sunday.

Part 1: Chandra (Moon) Practice
Chakra practice is about cultivating stillness, steadiness and balance. It empowers the mind as a reflective instrument, so that we can perceive clearly. Throughout the practice we begin to cultivate powerful insights as to what is preventing us from being peaceful and staying clear. This is a slower paced class with an emphasis on pranayama and meditation. (don't worry, there will be movement, just longer holds::)))


Part 2: Surya (Sun) Practice

All of life is contained sunlight. In this practice, the aim is to turn our attention to the realm of energy, to cultivate expansion and higher perception. This is a more dynamic practice that will encompass Asana (to remove the energy blocks), Kumbaka (building the energetic reservoir within the physical body), Mudra (to embody the intention), Nada (the step where we dissolve and rest in the vibration of unmanifest reality).  

To experience the true value of this methodology, please attend both practices.

Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

This workshop will be a more in depth exploration of what the mindfulness practice is and how it can change the way our minds work. This workshop will be complementary to the early morning meditations sessions and will take you deeper in your understanding and practice of meditation. There will be time to ask questions as well as explore the practice together.


Journalling and Manifestation

This workshop will take you through a journey of guided meditations and journaling exercises to help you discover your deepest passions, hearts calling and purpose in this life. Each one of us was put on this planet with unique gifts to share with the world, discovering what those gifts are and putting the structures into place to help us manifest our work is the most important job we have on the planet. You will leave this workshop feeling empowered and ready to take on exciting new challenges.

Leadership Coaching


Shake It Off: Kundalini Yoga Workshop 

Shaking releases stress and deeply-held emotional and physical blocks from the body. We'll use this opportunity to shake off any burdens we have. As we head towards the end of summer, let’s shake off any lingering burdens we’ve been carrying around and have some fun!


Join Gurushabd to experience shaking kriyas (Kundalini Yoga sequences) and meditations, set to a carefully curated playlist. Release that pent up stuff you’ve been holding inside. This is an all-levels workshop, no prior experience with Kundalini Yoga is required.

Life is ‘too long’ to tolerate living a life that is anything but joyful and purposeful. Join Deborah Coleman for an exploration of how asana and coaching conversations and their inherent philosophies are aligned and deeply transformational when entered into with the right spirit and intent. This workshop will be an exploration of how these two ‘movement’ modalities merge and blend together.

The Five Vital Winds

Explore the five vayus, or vital winds, in this workshop. These forces, ever present in our breath, body, minds and spirit, are elegant and straightforward routes to bring subtle energy forward as structures for our practice. We will explore these elements in breath, cues, sequences and more. Both theory and practice will be included - be ready to breathe, move and be still.

DIY Extra Workshops

Intro to Mala Making Workshop

A mala is a garland of beads traditionally worn and used during meditation.

We will begin this workshop with a grounding meditation practice to get clear on our personal intentions. You will then be guided on how to design and create your own personal mala necklace, infused with your energy, love, and intention.

All materials will be provided, including 8mm sandalwood beads and a variety of semi-precious stones.

No experience necessary.


*Extra Fee to cover materials and pre-registration required

There will also be a watercolour workshop, so you'll get to work with your hands and be crafty.



Dynamic Flow Classes

These dynamic classes integrate breath and movement through a sequence of unique poses. The smooth, continuous flow deepens the breath, strengthens the physical body and encourages the mind to focus. These classes are more geared towards a level 2 or experienced student.

Vinyasa Krama

Vinyasa krama means a step by step progression into something, in this case a specific and complex asana. The class is about making the impossible possible, and learning how to break down poses into manageable chunks, finding the work and benefits from a pose at every stage.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra means yoga sleep. In this guided meditation you will be led into the deepest states of relaxation where you are able to move beyond the limiting factors of the mind and set meaningful intentions. It is said that 1 hour of yoga nidra is comparable to 4 hours of sleep and you will leave this session feeling alive and with a residing sense of calm and internal peace.

Slow Flow Classes

These classes are designed for people who are newer to yoga, or are dealing with injuries, or just want to move nice and slow. These classes will work on coordinating the movement to the breath and moving the body mindfully through a sequence of poses.

Restorative Yoga

These classes are aimed at bringing the body into a place of stillness and ease. These classes are designed to bring total relaxation to the participants and to leave them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Using a variety of props, pillows, blankets and blocks the participants are placed into fully supported yoga postures which allow their bodies to release into the support beneath them.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of bringing one’s awareness into the present moment. In these meditation sessions you will be guided on finding an area to keep your awareness, the inhale and exhale of the breath, a sensation in the body or the feel of the breeze on your skin . Mindfulness meditation is designed to bring you into the present moment so you can be in your life, living each moment.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a practice of letting go and surrendering to the earth. It is a passive practice that involves seated and supine postures typically held for 3-5 minutes which allows us to access deeper layers of our myofascia and remodel the body.


This is not your average barre class. Combining elements of Pilates, yoga, dance, rhythm and movement training, this unique classes encourages healthy range of movement and focuses on some of the aspects of movement that aren’t always emphasized in yoga class (but are super helpful). Suitable for all levels.


All movements are initiated by your core. Building strength and flexibility in your abdominals, glutes, and back muscles will improve mobility and stability, while reducing the chances of injury.  The focus of the Pilates Mat Class is to increase mind/body awareness through breath, body weight, and props.


Sound Bath with Owen Ware

This journey of sound is created for you to experience the deepest states of relaxation and release. The mystical handpan and ethereal crystal bowls blend together to create a unique soundscape, one that allows you to feel your own inner harmony and well-being. We will begin with a meditation on the natural soundscape before being bathed in the sounds of Owen’s instruments. The journey will close with the chanting of OM as a group.

Kundalini Yoga Class: Step Into Intuition

Using breath and sustained postures, we'll practice a Kundalini Yoga sequence (kriya) to develop our relationship with the third eye, the energetic spot between our eyebrows. Focusing here brings immediate stillness to the mind, and opens up the space for internal guidance to be clearly heard. We'll close class with deep relaxation and a mantra meditation for protection and projection. This is an all-levels class, no prior experience with Kundalini Yoga is required. All bodies and physical abilities are welcome.

Kundalini Yoga Class: Open the Heart

Using breath, dynamic movements, and stillness, we'll practice a Kundalini Yoga sequence (kriya) to funnel energy towards our hearts, and create a feeling of connectedness to ourselves and the world. We'll close class with deep relaxation and a mantra meditation to vibrate joy. This is an all-levels class, no prior experience with Kundalini Yoga is required. All bodies and physical abilities are welcome.