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Simone Nitzan

Yoga Camp Founder

Simone Nitzan.jpg


The experience of linking the breath and movement together in a conscious and fluid manner inspires Simone in her practice and teaching. Her personal practice informs her teaching and she draws on elements of the vinyasa method of practice in her led classes. She believes practicing yoga leads to a meditative state and expands our awareness of ourselves. In her classes, she strives to bring together an awareness of the breath with alignment of the body and mind. When we’re in a state of yoga the qualities of effort and ease are harmoniously balanced.


Simone brings an expertise in anatomy and physiology into the yoga room. Where she works to inform her students how to safely and sustainably work with their bodies through Yoga Asana, the breath and other energetic elements of the practice. She believes physical and emotional injury can be healed through yoga and she works with her students to find the unique practice that works for each of their body-minds. Simone is the creator of Yoga Camp and is thrilled to be sharing with the community for the 7th year in a row.

insta: @simonenitzan

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