Yoga Camp believes that receiving body work is an important part of maintaining body, mind and heart wellness. We're happy to host a variety of Thai Massage practitioners, as well as, RMTs to provide body work to our campers. Appointments can be made directly with each practitioner, (please see their contact info at the bottom of their bios). 

*Bodywork is offered at an extra cost. 

Chantelle Reynolds

The idea of touch has many different meanings for me; one of them is how it can connect people. I have explored, and continue, to explore the many different ways of connecting with people in this modern age.

I began this exploration through yoga, my practice allowed me to connect to my body in a way that I had never experienced before. I felt the movement, my strength, my muscles, my flexibility, and lack there of, in a new light, viewed through a new lens. I was an active child through sports and dance that continued into my adult

life. Yet, I didn’t have a connection to how my body really moved, felt and how it worked; or what it took on through the years of supporting me, and how things felt from the inside out. My newfound body awareness was exciting!


About 9 years ago I was at a yoga festival and was introduced to Thai Yoga Massage. I had received a variety of massage and bodywork therapies at this point and nothing compared to this. During that workshop I was convinced that with yoga and Thai massage I had found everything my body needed to feel good. I had found

another practice to deepen my internal and external connection; also I really enjoyed giving this massage. The seed was planted and I wanted to practice Thai Yoga Massage.


Through my 8 years of practice I have discovered the benefits of how this holistic body of work connects people. Not only to their own bodies, but through the foundational principle of Metta Bhavana – “loving kindness” or “compassion.” As a Navina ® Thai Yoga Therapy educator and practitioner my intention is to share this

idea of connecting with oneself and with others through compassionate touch.


Allow me to touch your heart, your mind, and your soul. It is not only a massage you’ll receive with me, it’s a life experience! One, I hope touches the world through you. 


I look forward to sharing our time together. 

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60 mins $110

90 mins $140

[HST included]

To book an appointment email Chantelle at