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1.  I have food sensitivities or allergies, can you accommodate for them?

Yes, every year at Yoga Camp we have many people on special diets, we always work with each individual to ensure there will be ample food for them to eat.

2.  How many campers are in each cabin?

Shared cabins will have 6 - 8 campers in them.  There is also the option of buying a private cabin for four if you're coming with 3 of your friends.  

3.  Do I need to bring my own sheets and towels?

Yes, you will be sleeping in a camp cabin with other campers and you need to bring your own bedding (sheets, sleeping bag or blankets) and towels with you.

4.  I don’t have a car, can I still come to Yoga Camp?

Yes, we help to arrange car pooling so everyone is able to get up to Yoga Camp each year.

5.  I need to leave early on Sunday morning will that be all right?

Of course. You might miss out on some activities on Sunday but you are welcome to leave at any time.

6.  I’m new to Yoga will there be classes that are suitable for me?

Yes, there are a variety of classes and workshops at Yoga Camp many of which are suitable to people who are new to the practice. There are also a variety of different movement classes including, pilates, barre, Qi Gong and MovNat.

7.  How long does it take to drive to Yoga Camp?

Yoga Camp is typically about a 3 hour drive  from the city of Toronto, depending on traffic and departure point.

8. Do I need to attend all of the classes and workshops?

No, Yoga Camp is a choose your own adventure weekend. You are welcome to attend as many or as few of the classes and workshops as you’d like.

9.  Are the cabins heated and do they have bathrooms?

Cabins do some some heating, please pack appropriate clothing and bedding to ensure you will be warm enough. There are bathrooms located inside the cabins. 

10.  I have an injury, is Yoga Camp still suitable for me?

Yes, all of the teachers are able to modify their classes to suit individuals dealing with specific injuries. Also there are a variety of classes of varying difficulty and activity level. You will find classes and workshops suitable to you whether or have an injury or not.

11.  Can I stay with my friends in the same cabin? 

Yes, just list the friends you'd like to stay with in the registration form when you fill it out.  If you're buying a private cabin for 4 make sure each person fills out their own registration and consent form.

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