Come alive and wake up under the waves of energy created by the mystical music of Zarah Petersons fireside sessions. Zarah will serenade us with her beautiful voice, setting the mood and tune for awakening and expanding consciousness. Zarah will be sharing a variety of her own work as a singer songwriter, as well as some familiar tunes we can all sing along too. 


Zarah is a self-taught guitarist,  playing guitar and singing from a young age. She is currently living in the city of Toronto.   Her soulful voice in combination with her powerful lyrics create a very unique style. Zarah uses her music as a healing medium, and seeks to honour the full spectrum of the human experience. She moves her audience to a space of deep feeling and reverence for all of life's joy, pain and divinity. She uses her voice as a conduit for divine energy, flowing through to her listeners elevating them to higher states and assisting in purging and energetic clearing.  She looks forward to sharing this musical and healing experience with you at Yoga Camp this year!




Why sleep in...when you can dance?  Wake up early with Mateusz Factor, and Alisa Donkers, as they will be facilitating a sunrise ecstatic dance. We will start with an opening circle and share an activating blue lotus tea ceremony to set our intention for the journey. To prepare the mind you will be guided through an invigorating breath-work followed by a guided meditation. As the sun rises Mateusz will be our musical magician as we intuitively stretch, dance and move in whichever way feels right. The experience will end with a closing ceremony and a guided meditation. Mateusz’s musical journey will take you through continents, lakes, mountains and earthly sounds. Deep and mystical vibes from our guest, mixing music with rising of the sun.


Worship your body, the element of fire, and the earth through movement around the campfire with Mateusz Factor and Alisa Donkers, as they will guide you through an ecstatic dance experience. We will start with invigorating breath work moving into a delicious blue-lotus chai tea ceremony and a meditation to connect with our movement practise intention. Transition into free dancing as DJ chew will play us into a blissful state as we dance. Held in a safe space so you're comfortable to be creative and dance your heart out, letting the movement become your meditation.


Alisa a yoga student and teacher living, learning and teaching in the city of Toronto.    She's been practising for over a decade, and this past spring has returned from India having completed her 500 hour Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Her desire is to share the joy of bringing your body, mind and spirit into balance using Asanas, meditation, pranayama, proper diet, laughter and being apart of a positive community.    She is excited to be apart of Yoga Camp 2019 and to share some ecstatic dancing magic with you!


aka DJ Chew / @djchewmusic

The beginnings of his music career dates back to the 90s when he played vinyl records at both small and big events in Canada and the USA. His music career developed and gained momentum through participation in numerous events, festivals, and support for famous DJs - Spdeey J, Mark Oliver, Kenny Glasgow and John Aquaviva. He’s played at clubs in Toronto (Government and the Docks), as well as, smaller clubs in GTA. After 15 years of playing abroad, he returned to Poland to serve the best pieces of tech-electronic music - he took his first steps on the Krakow DJ scene behind the console in Hormon, Prozak and Lastriko! In Poland, he had the opportunity to play with Novika and Deas.

Dj Chew has helped in organizing annual music events and festivals. He continues his activity on the market of melody and house scenes in Krakow. For two years he has been a guest appearing at Teatro Cubano, where he is promoting electronic music with a Latin accent.

He is a passionate yoga student and is a creator of musical mixes inspired by the Eastern philosophy. His innovative approach and the freshness of his ideas in combination with  original arrangements and elements derived from Tibetan, African folklore or Latin music. Now after 6 years he calls home Toronto; where he lives and continues to dj, explore musical instruments and influence and his work on yoga and meditation music.



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Yoga Camp is a 3-hour drive from downtown Toronto, located at Camp Eden Woods on Elephant lake in Harcourt, Haliburton. Nestled on the shores of a quiet lake, it has an extensive sandy beach. The camp is only 15-minutes from the southern entrance to Algonquin Park, where hikes and visits to local waterfalls have become a ritual at Yoga Camp.

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