The Camp Experience

a day in the life

Yoga Camp is an inclusive, unique and intimate outdoor summer camp experience. This long weekend will expose you to different types of yoga practice, new teachers and camp activities. You’ll have the opportunity to go kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding on the lake. You could try waterskiing or wakeboarding, challenge yourself on the high ropes course and also learn how to do watercolour painting and make your own yoga block or mala necklace.


Yoga Camp will inspire you, expose you to the beauty of Ontario, being by the lake and Algonquin park. Whether you come on your own or with friends is up to you. How social you want to be or how much time you want for quiet reflection is your choice. Yoga Camp will hold space for you to have the experience that honours what you need in the moment.


Vinyasa, yin, restorative,  slow flow - the choice is yours. Everyday, as much or as little as you need.


Unwind, unplug and relax in the wooded forest and sandy shores of a quiet lake.


Wherever you are on your journey, this is your time to slow down and make space for deep reflection, and practice.


Join a tribe of kind hearted, spirited, nature loving yoga enthusiasts in a one-of-a-kind summer camp experience.  

What is a day at camp like?


Don't take our word for it. Check out a sample schedule



Yoga Camp offers you the opportunity to try many different styles of yoga taught by the best teachers in the Toronto area. Classes range from dynamic vinyasa classes, to slow flows, yin and restorative yoga. Workshops will be on meditation, mindfulness, as well as how to break down more complicated asanas such as backbends and inversions. Yoga nidra, chanting and journaling are also part of the offerings giving you the opportunity for some more introspective practice. In addition to yoga related activities there will be a variety of DIY workshops, including watercolour painting, mala necklace making and making your own yoga block.



Nestled on the sandy shores or a picturesque lake, Yoga Camp is for the yoga enthusiast who loves being outdoors. Campers will share a rustic cabin, equipped with indoor bathrooms and showers with hot water and heaters for colder nights.

Hiking, swimming, water skiing, fishing, kayaking, bikes or plain old sunbathing with a good book, are all at your disposal. At night we huddle around the campfire sharing stories, playing music or just reveling in the symphony of night sounds.



Yoga Camp provides the time for deep reflection and practice. Questions like: What do we value most? What do we want our lives to look and feel like? And, how can we manifest it into being? Are threaded throughout the weekend. Yoga Camp gives you the opportunity to slow down, to listen and to go inside to look at what your heart and experience are telling you. When we’ve slowed down enough and opened ourselves up to listen, love, compassion and transformation are possible. To aid us on this journey of self discovery, there will be meditation sessions, workshops, journaling exercises, chanting and yoga nidra classes.


If spending time in nature is what makes you feel connected, you are always welcome to take a canoe or kayak out on the lake, hike around the property or sit with a cup of tea and watch the birds. The lake is beautiful for swimming and the dock is the perfect place to lay out your towel and read a book.



The people who come to Yoga Camp are lawyers, doctors, artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, and everything in between. What connects us is a love of the outdoors, an open heart, curiosity about the world and ourselves, and of course, a love of yoga.

Most people who come to Yoga Camp have some experience practicing yoga, however, there are classes for practitioners of all levels so everyone from the new student to the lifelong yogi will find classes that stimulate and challenge them. A full schedule of classes and workshops allows you to do yoga all day, or if you prefer, to do one class a day and spend the rest of your time lying on the dock.

Many of our participants have been coming for years and look forward to our summer reunions during the long cold winter.


Come visit our very own Yoga Camp Tuck Shop!

Every year at Yoga Camp we welcome some of our favourite Toronto based artisans to share their beautiful gifts with you. Everything that we bring are things we buy and love to use ourselves. We want to share what we love with you! This year we are excited to be welcoming the following artisans. Please come to camp ready to purchase their wares should you feel inclined.

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