Jessi Leduc

Thai Massage


After many years of practicing yoga, Jessi knew she wanted to be able to share her passion in a meaningful way; in 2008 she studied to become a Yoga instructor with Prana Yoga College in Vancouver.  This course of study opened up a whole new world that encompassed a desire to be an active participant in people’s wellness path, in addition to a new found wonder for the workings of the human body.


The pursuit of more knowledge of health, wellness, and the joy of anatomy came together in her study of Thai Massage and Swedish Massage in tandem. She became a certified Thai Practitioner in the beginning of 2013 and a Registered Massage Therapist with the CMTO later on that summer. The two modalities lend amazingly well to one another allowing an incorporation of Metta and a continual positive energy flow to her Swedish Massages, and a deep seated knowledge of anatomy and physiology to guide her intuition in her Thai Massages.


In addition to her own practice Jessi is now engaged in molding the therapists of the future. She is both a Navina Educator, sharing her love of Thai Massage, as well as working with Kikkawa College (of Massage Therapy) supervising their student and outreach clinics.


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6073 Elephant Lake Road, PO Box 16
Harcourt, ON
K0L 1X0, Canada

Yoga Camp is a 3-hour drive from downtown Toronto, located at Camp Eden Woods on Elephant lake in Harcourt, Haliburton. Nestled on the shores of a quiet lake, it has an extensive sandy beach. The camp is only 15-minutes from the southern entrance to Algonquin Park, where hikes and visits to local waterfalls have become a ritual at Yoga Camp.

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