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Drew Hume

Thai Massage

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Drew’s intention is to bring people together through the art of compassionate touch.

Touch has the power to communicate things that words can’t, and yet we often need to relearn a meaningful touch-vocabulary.


Part of Drew’s work is aimed at educating people on human biology and the physical forms of Thai Massage. He also dreams of creating a more touch-literate culture. His hope is to dissolve the culturally ingrained tendencies that have spread due to a fear of touch. Touch-aversion goes against our deepest biological needs and therefore takes us further out of balance. With greater education and skill in compassionate touch we can return to a healthier state and more interconnected tribe.


Drew founded NavinaTM as a way to spread this message and teachings – bringing people together from all corners of the globe. With each course Drew teaches he attempts to pass on as much detail and intricacy – as it relates to both the nuanced physical postures of Thai Yoga Therapy, and the incredible power of compassionate touch. Come meet him on this path.



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